Saturday, 13 April 2013

Farewell Oxford, You Will Be Missed!

Before I came on this Eurospring experience I knew that this may be the only opportunity I had in my life to travel abroad. Before I came here I had never left the United States, even though I had lived in Northern(ish) Minnesota my whole life. But now that I am packing up my belongings I am finding it so sad to leave here and that this place has really become my home. I really hope I get the opportunity to visit this city again. We had our finals this afternoon and I always forget how draining they can be! It is always a feeling of relief to be done, but I feel really confident in my knowledge of the courses. Dr. Chapman is seriously amazing and I believe his great ability to lecture has made it quite easy to learn! I really feel that these courses have helped me grow a lot in my subject area, as I am a Social Studies Education major. I feel much more confident in my knowledge of English history and even some European history.

After finals were done I had a bit of down time before our last dinner. After dinner Dr. Chapman gave a speech and it was actually a bit emotional to hear him to talk about his love for the program and it was hard to think that we were spending our last few moments with him! He is such a great person! Before we left he reminded us all to work hard as scholars but to not forget to be silly every once in a while. I admire that advice from someone as great a scholar as him!

Tonight I just need to finish up a little bit of packing to get up bright and early to head to Paris! As much as I don't want to leave, I am excited to continue exploring and to see other cultures. I may not have much time to blog, nor do I know how much internet service I will have, but I will try to blog every day that I can!

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