Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Today after classes David, Kelsey and I walked to Summerton, which is basically a little area on the outskirts of Oxford that is less populated but has some unique little shops. We browsed through some stores while we were there. We liked looking through the thrift stores to find unique things, thrift stores here are much different! Perhaps it was also because Oxford is a really nice city anyways, but the stores are cleaner, more organized and have really nice stuff!! Kelsey found a really cute necklace that was only a pound! Then David bought a dessert at a shop and then we walked back to our hall.

After we came back David and I decided we wanted to keep walking to enjoy the day a feel the sunshine! It has not been very nice weather for us so it was a little treat! So we walked through the university parks and gardens! All the spring flowers were in bloom so we really enjoyed them and took some pictures!

Then we had dinner in our hall, which was.. interesting tonight. Then after dinner we went to a fancy restaurant/bar called Brown's with a group of our friends and we all just talked and sort of re-grouped I guess after we had all returned from our Easter trips! 

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