Saturday, 6 April 2013


This morning we left for our final field trip to Portsmouth. We first stopped at the hill that overlooks the city and the sea, so we could all see the fantastic view! There are unique buildings and all of the ships far out on the horizon line look like battle ship game pieces. While we walked down this hill we could get an even closer look. Then David and I decided to race each other up it- he beat my by only a hair, but he also had a head-start and didn't have a purse bouncing around- so I think I win.
Then we went into the city to see the museums and ships. Our first stop was a ferry tour in which we got to see many naval ships and learn about what they had done, or had the capability to do. We also viewed the shoreline and the cool buildings and structures one can see. Then we went to tour the H.M.S. Warrior which was really beautiful and we were free to explore the entire ship. Then we toured H.M.S. victory which is the ship Nelson led in the battle of Trafalgar. It was also in this ship where he was shot and later died. They put his body in a wine barrel to preserve his body and bring him to land (the journey was about 3 months). His body was actually greatly preserved, the gross thing is that may sailors drank from the wine barrel later as it was expensive! Yuck!

We also went into some museums to learn about this history of the boats. Here we even got to touch and smell rope from the 1500's which had been buried at sea with the H.M.S. Mary Rose. The main museum was closed so that was a bummer. In the small museum they have a traveling show and when we were there it was the costumes used form the Les Mes movie, as a great deal of it was filmed in Portsmouth. 

Then we rode home. On our way home we pulled into Highclere Castle in hopes to see it. This is the castle where Downton Abbey is filmed, and you may know that this is my favorite show. I was super excited to see it! And of course we got to the gate and the security guard said no visitors were allowed today as it was in use! He would not even let us out of the bus to take a picture from the distant gate! I was super bummed, but at least I can say I have been to the location- I am just going to tell myself it was because they were filming ;). 

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  1. Looks like a great day. I'm glad you're back in England.
    Love Dad