Friday, 12 April 2013

Finals tomorrow!

We had our last lecture this afternoon and it was about the American Revolution. It was interesting to here Chapman's perspective. He mentioned how King George the III felt like 'a father figure who felt hurt and rejected by his children.' Overall, I'm glad I got the experience of hearing the perspective from someone who grew up in England.

Tomorrow we have our finals so I have been using most of my free time to study! I feel pretty confident about it but also feel I need to study more for my science class. When I am not studying I have been using my breaks to go for walks in the University park behind our hall. I'm really going to miss spending time relaxing in the beauty that park provides. It is beautiful right now with all the spring flowers sprouting!

Tonight's dinner was not one to impress. As I've mentioned before I do not by any means consider myself a picky eater, but I cannot eat the lamb anymore. The smell alone has really gotten to me! So, after dinner David and I went and bought cheese and bread to tie me over! Tonight I plan to spend more time studying and then heading to bed!

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