Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Finally Spring?

Today I got done with classes around 3. After I was done David, Brittany and I went for a walk. Kelsey was not feeling well so she stayed back in our room. The three of us went for a walk to a park that our advisor, Dr. Donnay recommended checking out. It was a huge area with many ponds and lots of room that would be fun to have activities at. We decided to walk along a footpath that followed the Thames. The river was a brilliant green color and it was gorgeous! We followed this path for a couple miles and then just sort of ended up near the High street.

Next we decided to tour the oldest college of Oxford University, Balliol College. This college was founded in at least 1263, but probably earlier. This college is where Adam Smith, John Wycliffe, and Audlous Huxely attended. The area is really cool and it basically looks like a castle. It has beautiful little gardens and nice areas for students to relax and study. It was worth it to see for only a pound.

After this we went to this huge bookstore called Blackwells. This is by far the biggest book store in Oxford. It is seriously enormous. I honestly believe they carry every book you could ever want. After we left the bookstore David went to another bookstore while Brittany and I went to some little shops near it. We went into one an sampled some flavors of fudge- it was so tasty! We felt bad though because it was much to expensive to buy even one piece! But while we were there we got to watch a worker making some and he was shaping it in a heart formation.
He said that he was to the part where he was 'adding
the love'.
Then Brittany and I lost David, and without cell phones we searched for a while but then we just decided to go back to our dorm and hope that he showed up eventually, which he did, haha. Then we had dinner and then David, Brittany, Kelsey and I played Oh Shoot- a card game- in mine and Kelsey's room. It was a lot of fun!

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