Sunday, 14 April 2013


This morning we left Oxford bright and early and it was hard for me to say good-bye. I really fell in love with England and our whole ride to London to King's Cross station was sad for me. England is beautiful and of course it was a glorious morning, which makes it even that much more stunning. When we got on the chunnel we would sometimes see the outside I don't think I will ever forget the last glimpse I got of the London sky line. -The chunnel was interesting and we were only under the water for about 20 min! I didn't even notice either, except for the fact the cabins are not pressurized so it cause our ears to pop like crazy! I was surprised, however, how quickly we got to French soil! Our ride to Paris lasted about 2 hours total. It was quick and a nice way to travel!

When we got here Dr. Donnay brought us on a walking tour until dinner. We walked down to the Moulin Rouge and he pointed out that that specific area was the red light district and to avoid it!

Especially at night! I know all of us ladies most certainly agreed, just by seeing the way the men sitting on benches would stare at women walking by! Even some of the guys in our group got defensive for us and did not like the way the guys were looking at us! I'm not saying we felt unsafe at all, it was just a little bit different. Then we walked up this hill to the Sacred Heart Basillica. Up here we got a fantastic view of the city! It was amazing how much we could see! We got a quick glimpse of the top of the eiffel tower too and it was so amazing just to see this! I can't wait to go there tomorrow!

After our walk we had a fancy dinner at the restaurant next to our hotel! We had chicken and a fancy dessert I had never had before! After dinner we came back to our room to finalize our plans for tomorrow and get our days figured out! I am excited to explore the city with my friends tomorrow!

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