Friday, 5 April 2013


Yesterday and today we have spent our afternoons walking around Oxford, trying to find new areas we may have yet to explore. Yesterday I found the Harry Potter series in the Blackwell's Bookstore and was excited because it was the first time in person I had seen the first one titled, "The Philosopher's Stone" rather than the 'sorcerous'.

Today we noticed that fountains are starting to have running water in them! This was a nice change to see as we are not used to it since it has been so cold!

Then today the 3 of us went walking on the other side of the Thames (as opposed to the Christ Church Meadows side) to see what we could find. We saw many fancy boat houses that the University uses for their rowing teams. We also stumbled upon a field with a cool bush-type gate so we went over to see it and take pictures with it. Then, as we were leaving David and I hopped a fence to get out (because our gate was locked) and Kelsey thought she found a hole to go through but sadly she got stuck and ripped her nice jean on barbed wire!! But overall we've had a nice couple days and tomorrow we have our last field trip to Portsmouth! 

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