Sunday, 24 March 2013

2nd Day in London

As Sunday was our second free day we went to London again. We first went to Buckingham Palace, but did not stay long because it was so bitterly cold and we wanted to keep moving! After eating the sandwiches we brought we walked towards parliament. On our way there we found more guards and we stopped to take pictures. Kelsey and I even got one to smile when we both leaned on either side as if to kiss him! I felt a little bad but it was funny to see one actually give a smirk!

Then we saw Big Ben, Parliament, #10 Downing Street (the Prime Ministers home), the London Eye and Westminster Abbey. Unfortunately we could not look inside Westminster Abbey since it was a Sunday, but it is still very beautiful on the outside. It was so insanely cold that it was hard to enjoy being outside, but it was still amazing to see all of these sights!

To warm up we decided to do some indoor activities so first we went to Platforms 9 3/4 in the Kings Cross station. Here we waited and hour take a picture showing a scene similar to that in Harry Potter when they leave for Hogwarts, it was worth the wait though :). Then we went to the British Museum which was huge!! The building was much bigger than I expected! But even though it was such a large museum there were still thousands of people visiting it, making it crammed and hard to see much and navigate it well. But it was still really interesting to walk through and see Egyptian and Greek sculptors and mummies, and jewelry from all over the world! Before we left I used the toilet and when I was walking out I was looking at the ground and some ladies thought I was Kate Middleton! I think they were embarrassed when I looked up but it was a huge compliment to me! Ha! But, I'm still not sure why they would think Kate would be wearing Asics, jeans, and a $20 Coleman rain jacket from Target....

Then we ha a dinner at a supper at a super sketchy restaurant in China Town to save money, but it really as not horrible. Then we just wandered around Picadelly Circus and looked at cool stores, and saw it lit up at night. We stopped by a Ripleys Believe it or Not store and watched a man juggle swords and solve a ruebiks cube in a minuet. Then we ended up in M n M World which was HUGE! It was four floors all dedicated to M n M's. They have walls with every possible color and M n M flavor! There was even an M n M Abbey road! It was fun! After looking around for a while we headed back on the Tube for Oxford.

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