Friday, 22 March 2013

Pitt Rivers and Strada/ Oldest Coffee House in England

Okay, so this blog will compensate for both yesterday and today. Yesterday, Kelsey, David and I explored the Pitt Rivers more. We found some interesting items! Kelsey and I really like the old perfume bottles (they are gorgeous!), old cosmetics, foot binding, and tattoo machines/ utensils as while as the items used for body altering/shaping. David of course was more interested in the old guns and weapons. We even found a 10 dollar certificate from the United States Confederacy! All of us really enjoy that museum.

Later that night David and I signed out for dinner because it was ground lamb pie... needless to say not exactly edible. We went and got some nice Italian food and for dessert we went to G and D Ice cream shop for desert and when we went it was their happy hour so we got free ice cream with the purchase of a hot drink, so I had hot chocolate and ice cream! It was great! Then we came back and I found that nextflix here has Downtown Abbey seasons 2 and 3 are available right now in the UK! Finally, I was able to get past season 1, since that was all that was available in the states!

Today, was a rainy, but that didn't stop David and I wanting to explore Oxford. Kelsey was not feeling well and decided to take a nap to try and feel better, and that was a good decision because this morning our friend Brittany went to the chemist and found out she has mono!!! REALLY hoping she gets better and that does not spread around our group!!

After David and I braved the rain to get into the city center we decided to try and dry off and get something warm for a bit. We ended up at this coffee house which happened to be the oldest coffee house in England!! It first opened in 1650! It was very busy and had a noisy, crowded atmosphere when compared to other coffee houses. The decorating even makes the place look old, in a neat way. The candle holders on the wall look like mens arms and are painted gold. There was also a bronze teapot attached to a rope on the door and every time someone would walk in it would be lifted to the ceiling! (I will include a picture of this).

Then we went to this cheap clothing store so I could buy another sweatshirt for our field trip to Bath tomorrow, as it is supposed to be poor weather. Tonight we are planning on playing games with people from our group here at our hall and hoping to get a good nights rest for our field trip! 


  1. holy crap! this looks better then I can imagine I just put my deposit intoday I'm so excited how do u like it so far? what places would u recomend to visit?

  2. Just stumbled upon this after searching for "the levellers" music band on Google images. Really enjoyed reading this, very informative and well written!