Friday, 29 March 2013


Well after a loud and sleepless night in our hotel we were a little bit more than worried with our hotel selection and very tired. But we were excited to actually get into the city to look around. First we took the Subway in and climbed up to the Prague Castle. The castle itself dates back to 3200 bc, at least and maybe earlier. Inside the caste are a couple churches and one, St. Vitus Cathedral was the most beautiful church I had ever been in. The stained glass in there was tiny mosaic pieces and they were all gorgeous. It is also the most decorated church I have ever been in! The castle itself is also really cool and it was crazy to see who all had lived in it through the years! We also think the Prime Minister is who occupies a quarter of it now, and we saw his motorcade today too. The views from up where the castle were really amazing! This city is really beautiful!

Then we had lunch and walked down to the old city center. Here we saw the Wenscles square and saw the old astronomical clock! Here the easter market was set up and it is absolutely amazing! There are so many unique things to try and see. The wooden painted eggs are everywhere and so beautiful! The trees and benches are all decorated with bright ribbons and eggs and the streets are busy with people enjoying it. This is definitely the time of year to go to Prague.

After we saw the square we went to see St. Charles bridge. It is the oldest bridge in the city and probably one of the oldest in Europe. It was very pretty and busy with people. The top of the bridge is decorated with statues and there are certain ones you are supposed to touch when you walk past because it is lucky! Then we struggled to find the Lennon wall, but we did eventually find it. It was SO colorful and fun to see! There are many talented graffiti artists out there! I can't believe that people decorate that wall appropriately and that almost all of it was Lennon focused.

We did quite a bit today and I even had my first Schnitzel and potatoes! I loved it! I really did love what we did today and all that we saw. It was a struggle navigating without english and without street signs, but we made it. I'll have to admit it's really been a big culture shock coming here, especially since they have only been out of the Soviet Union less than 30 years. I now realize that this will be the most unique/culture shock area I will go on my entire study abroad experience, and I will have some unique stories to share with family for sure...

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  1. I am looking into this for Spring of 2014, possibly 2015. Your blog is amazing, it has me very excited to look more into EuroSpring! Was it easy making friends and getting along with everyone in your group? How were the classes at Oxford, were they really hard compared to BSU?