Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Getting Lost!

I had 3 classes today. Today has been the first day in a while that we have had pretty nice weather and even some sunshine! So, David, Kelsey and I decided to just walk and try and explore some more parts of Oxford that we hadn't yet. We started out by showing Kelsey the park behind our hall. The sun was shining, birds were chirping and air was nice and fresh-it finally felt like spring here! It was a nice change from our sleet and rainstorms! The park was beautiful and there were swans swimming around- it was so pretty! David and I showed Kelsey how to play the game Pooh sticks on a bridge in the park (if you've ever seen Winnie the Pooh you know what I'm talking about!) and of course she won!

Then we exited the park on a different side and got lost in a residential area- haha! But we eventually made it back to the Park and then headed towards the High. On our way there we found the Sheldonian  Theater and the beautiful Bridge of Sighs. Then we continued to the High and walked down to an area we hadn't been yet to explore. We went into this beautiful candy shop that looked like the one in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. There was an American candy section with all sorts of candy and sugar cereal from the states- you could by a small box of Lucky Charms for about $15 (crazy!). There was an elderly woman pointing to some marshmallow fluff candy (I'll include a picture) and she was telling her friend that her grandson in the states lives off of that stuff because it's all the rage there---I had never seen it before in my life!

We walked back on the High and walked back where Robert Boyle lived and created Boyle's law and also where Robert Hooke invented the telescope (ironically, we had just talked about this discovery in my class this morning!). Then we came back to our Hall for dinner and some people in our group told us about trivia at a pub so we all decided to go as a group.


  1. Looks like another great day. I am so glad you could experiance this

  2. Ya, me too! It's even better than I thought it would, and I can already tell a difference in my confidence of my career and education!