Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Flight and First Day!

So, for all of those who asked for e-mail updates about my study abroad trip I thought this may be easier! That way if you still want updates you can keep coming backing to this website to see if I have posted about my day!

Well it was a long flight, we left on time at 10:35 PM in Minneapolis, and arrive just after noon in London. I slept I think for 40 minutes total... :/

I did not see much of London today as we took a bus to Oxford and drove around the outskirts of town, so I have yet to see any sites there yet, but boy the grass is green there and there is litter EVERYWHERE! But it is still quite beautiful.

Once we got to Oxford Kelsey and I first had a bit of time to unpack our room (which the heat has yet to work in ours!!) but besides that we have a bigger room compared to most. We then had orientation at Oxford and Dr. Chapmann (Oxford Proff.) gave us a tour of Oxford. And man, just in that little tour he told us a lot about the history there! It was kind of cool to see one of the Colleges where John Wesely taught! David and I thought that was pretty neat since we have learned much about him recently since we attend a Methodist church in Bemidji. There are also MANY old buildings and shops and famous pubs! We have yet to go into any of these places but we should have time to go looking on our own after class tomorrow!!

I hope to get some pictures up tomorrow too!!


  1. So glad you made it safely and we are excited to hear about everything as you go. Thank you for thinking of all of us who are so anxious to hear about your adventures and will miss you while you're gone!

  2. Glad you made it safe and sound! Sorry you didn't sleep very much... :(
    Can't wait to see all the updates as your time there goes on.
    Have fun and we will miss you!!