Sunday, 17 March 2013

First visit to London!

Well, for our first free day Kelsey, David and I decided to go to London! We took a bus there from Oxford and then used the subway once we arrived. Thank goodness for Kelsey and I, David just magically knew how to navigate the subway! We first went to Picadelly Circus and there was a St. Patrick's day celebration going on! It was fun and exciting music, but also a lot of crazy people, so we did not stay here long!

Next, we went to the Tower Bridge. The colors were stunning, I did not realize how blue and red the decorative paint was (haha). It was also fun to just walk across and take pictures!

Near the Tower Bridge is the Tower Hill with the are in which many monarchs lived! The tour was great and I learned much about past royalty history! Inside many people were killer and murdered. There is a memorial fountain to remember those who have been executed, and it lies at the place where Anne Boleyn was executed! We also were able to see the Crown Jewels which were gorgeous and simply unreal! We also saw areas were slaves were tortured, and how they were, as well as particular outfits past and present royalty have worn.

Then we also went to St. Paul's Cathedral and while we were there, there was an Organ recital so we did not have to pay the 14 pounds admission fee! It was a win-win because we saved money and got to hear beautiful music! The only downside was because of this we could not go and see the crypt!

Our last stop for the evening was at a place called the Black Friars and here I had fish and chips for the first time and it was delicious! It was a great first visit to London and I look forward to going back next Sunday to see more!


  1. Looks like fun. I had fish and chips for lunch today too..... but it was at the Elbow Lake store. Snowmobiling agian :)

    Love You Dad

  2. Hahah nice! I bet the snowmobiling is good right now! Heard you've had a lot of snow!!