Saturday, 30 March 2013

Exploring Prague

Today our entire plan was based off of seeing the Jewish area of the city, but we were ignorant of the fact that Saturday is their holy day and therefore everything was closed! So we just went with it today to see where we would end up and we saw so much and had a lot of fun! First we hiked up a hill to see the Metronome monument which is placed where there used to be a statue of Stalin that overlooked the city, which was taken down when they became a republic.

Then we walked over towards the castle grounds again because our tickets worked for two days. Here we found an old toy museum that we looked through. There were so many old bears, dolls, trains, cars, robots, horses, and Barbies! I loved the Barbie section! My favorite part from it was the 1998 section because I remembered which ones from it I used to own!

After this we walked down the hill off the castle grounds and searched for somewhere to eat lunch. We went to this place and I got tomato soup again, haha. It was very good! Then we walked up another steep hill and headed toward Petrin Tower. This was built after the Eiffel tower, and kind of looks like it! It is a quite the hike up to the tower itself and a great work out. Then we climbed the tower which provided the best view of the city. After we climbed down the tower we took this thing called a slide which was a cart that was part of the transportation system down the hill we hiked up to get there.

Then we walked over to see the Dancing House which is only apartments but it is really famous architecturally because it is so unique. For all of you Pinterest users, you may have seen this on your news feed before!

Then we walked back to the Old Town Square to explore it and the Easter Market more. We went into a wax museum which was kind of cool and a fun break. Then we ate authentic polish sausage on baguettes! It was delicious! After dinner (we were still in the Easter market) we went to this little sable in the middle and fed some sheep and lambs, I've decided I would also like to be a sheep farmer some day. We also saw a famous large painted egg! It was beautiful, the painting depicted all of the seasons in a year.

Then we kept walking around the Easter market and watched some Czeck children singing and dancing and playing instruments. Their concert was of traditional czech song and dance. We all loved it! They were terrific and so fun to watch!

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