Thursday, 28 March 2013

Seeing the Queen and Prague

Well, I had quite the interesting morning because the Queen came for Maundy Thursday. So, David, Kelsey and I went and waited to see her! There were people everywhere lining the streets!! Everyone wanted to see her. Somehow, the three of us got right up front and we saw her perfectly clear from 10 feet away!! I felt so giddy and excited, she was looking at us and waving with a big grin on her face! I even got a picture of her, but unfortunately I got it right when she turned, but you can still see her in her car! This was honestly one of the most exciting things I have ever seen!

Then we left for Prague. First we took a bus to London then flew into Prague. From this we took a bus to the subway and rode that for about an hour to our stop. We got to our hotel late at night so it was dark getting here. We had some sketchy things happen on our way here and got lost a bit finding our hotel and I'm still pretty rattled up. We're trying to stay positive that it will be better to go around when it is day time, but if we still feel this way during the day there is a good chance we will be moving more towards the center of the city..

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